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We Are The Tree Lopping and Trimming Experts

Serving the Western Sydney area, Arbor Tree Care and here to help you with all your tree lopping and trimming needs. Providing professional and fast quotes, we are proud to serve local residents for all tree lopping and trimming related enquiries. Our decades of proven expertise mean you can trust us to maintain or enhance the look of your trees while preserving their structural integrity.

We use our expertise to provide you with thorough, quality tree lopping and trimming services. With more than 25 years of experience, our tree experts can climb your tree to trim and remove damaged, diseased or dead branches. We understand that when trees are treated well and maintained in the right way, it is likely to grow in the best way while contributing positively and not causing a problem for people and its environment.

What Is Tree Lopping/Trimming and why is it necessary?

Tree lopping/trimming is the practice of improving the aesthetics, health, and appearance of a plant through cutting, trimming and maintaining the growth of a tree or plant. Lopping or trimming makes the difference between a tree or shrub that grows wild, and one that appears well-kept and healthy. Professional tree cutting and trimming is essential if you’re to keep your trees healthy and looking their best.

Tree lopping and trimming also involves removing branches to improve the shape of the tree, but it’s also necessary when branches pose a safety concern. While some smaller branch trimming and cutting can be handled by owners, bigger tree pruning jobs are best left to the experts to handle with utmost care.